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    I think that many of us have lived a dream since childhood: to be a policeman, a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, a computing engineer, a soldier, etc. That fantasy may has been changing through the time, like in the high school, the professional studies or to work in the same street. Well, my dream was to be a firefighter. After my higher studies I wanted to study computing and, after that, nothing. After my internship I touched bottom in my life. I was unemployed and without studies, so I began to train and to study seriously. As the months passed and after do several talks with artists and entrepreneurs, I began to brew inside my head a project that was gradually germinating in a novel idea that now I am going to describe. I discovered that I had been drawing since I was 7 years old and I have a good hand with the pencil even if I have left it for a year. Thus I thought, why don't I take advantage of this talent and to exploit it?


    This project consists of a universe that I have created with different stories that will later be intertwined. Therefore, this consists of two parts:

    • First, a series of webcomics that I will put in order by chapters. They are online (you need internet connection) and they can be read 100% free. You do not have to pay anything to read them. The platform on which I will upload them is from South Korea and it is called LINE-WEBTOON. You have the links below.
    • Finally, to monetize this work I'm going to perform. Fans can voluntarily support this project through recurrent crowdfunding on the Patreon platform with a monthly subscription that will be made to boost my work. You can always unsubscribe when the fan wants it. Obviously those who support have different rewards depending on how much capital they provide. You can see my profile of Patreon in the blue section of the cover of my website or by clicking on the following image:

    Perfil de Peter Xcorpion

    Now the really important thing: webcomics. The artist who hooked me to the manga world was Masashi Kishimoto, who many of us will know for his popular work of the blond ninja and the nine-tailed fox. For his style of drawing and vignetting was born mine, so I think that the fans of Naruto will have something of nostalgia to see my characters going forward through their adventures. It is a fact that the tendency is to read comics online and free, that's why I got into that stream and I prepared all that things. I hope you enjoy my creations, which will make people talk. Therefore, I fully enter into the Immortals Universe.


    Welcome to my world. Immortals is in itself an excuse to bring together all the characters from my different stories that I will be publishing separately. Being all in the same universe, I can borrow them to make appearances or mentions between them. As the chapters are uploaded in Castilian, they will appear in this section of my website. Are you ready to be immersed in incredible adventures? In the following paragraphs you have the names of each story and the chapters available as a link.

    Poomie is a little girl raised by an exiled soldier named Gisli. On her way through Lost Paradise, she will decide to become the most powerful warrior to access the Kingdom of Ainort and find the three magicians who govern it in order to obtain the answers that will illuminate the truth of her past.

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