This is an email I sent in 2017 (after the premiere of Fast and Furious 8) to a member of One Race Films, a film producer at Vin Diesel. I keep confidentiality about your name and real mail. I discovered a while after the existence of the initiative that fans started in #justiceforhan. I still didn't know this hashtag when I wrote this email. Let's go:

    Subject: [How to save the saga "fast and furious"?]
    From: Pedro Sánchez (pedro_computer_net@outlook.com)
    For: --Confidential Name-- (--confidentialemail--@oneracefilms.com)
    Delivery Date: 14-jul-2017 21:17

    Hello! I'm a fake bot coming to announce that you've won a Hawaii Vacation Prize...! 

    Hi, --Confidential Name--, --Confidential Company Position-- at One Race Films.

    My name is Pedro Sánchez (Peter), I'm a Spanish fan of the Fast and Furious saga. I have seen the last films in the cinema (sixth, seventh and eighth part). The rest of the films I have enjoyed in my house, because I hooked the "furious" in 2013...you don't sleep! Now I will tell you VERY INTERESTING ideas for the production of the last two films. I'm a film lover and I'm going to present data that I consider to be "limp" to the saga. But this has arrangement.

    In the first place, I am going to expose the mistakes that I deem appropriate. Secondly, I will show data relevant to the arguments of parts nine and ten of the saga. And finally, you will have the arguments of the ninth and tenth parts of the saga. I've been turning my head to these two stories that you're going to read.

    Well, I'll start. Are you ready to change the saga?


    • Cars: Cars are no longer the main theme of the saga. Any lover of "Fast and Furious" will have discovered that the pattern of the latest films is always the same: about 20 minutes of some individual career at the beginning or middle of film ... and end. The rest of the film are martial arts fights, explosions, impossible jumps (there is a lot of VFX and green screen), many scenes to show flesh (muscles or bodies of girls) or to pose, etc. The spirit of the saga were cars, and unfortunately has been changed by all that to sell more. I understand that Universal Pictures is a company and has to sell a product, and it is true that you are getting it. However, the charisma and face of Paul Walker was the memory of that spirit. Now that Paul is gone and fans have already solved the "morbid" how Universal was going to fire Brian O'Conner's character in the saga, the real fans do not go to the movies to see her. If you do not believe, watch the box office data for the seventh movie ($ 1,516M) and the eighth movie ($ 1,238M). Perhaps this that I write to you clarifies the possible doubts a little.

    • Excessive protagonism of the character of Dominic TorettoBrian (Paul Walker) was the undisputed protagonist of the first two films. Sean (Lucas Black) was the protagonist in the third part. Brian and Dominic were the stars in the fourth, fifth and sixth installments. However, in the last two (seventh and eighth) the character of Vin has ended up trampling on the roles of his peers with his excessive role. The secondary characters have worsened their dialogues (short and fast sentences during the scenes, only to fill), their roles are completely trampled by the protagonist. The same kind of jokes, the same "clashes" between enemies, clumsiness, etc. I see that in the script or in production these characters are left in the third plane and not taken advantage of properly. The character of Vin (Toretto) ends up being a "god" that no one can beat in a race. He overcomes all enemies that cross him. Although the script has put his character in trouble by blackmailing his family, this hardly provokes sympathy or drama for his character. I am sorry. It is my opinion and that of many fans. I'm studying a professional script course. I think I know a little of what I'm talking about to you. The percentage of protagonism of each character and each role was equitable and well distributed. Now compare yourself the percentage of dialogues, fights, scenes (mostly impossible and with doubles action) and appearances with respect to your cast partners during the footage. I love Fast and Furious, but if they are going to follow this line, I think I will stop investing in the saga.

    • Relations between characters: Honestly, I applaud the scriptwriter and the production because they managed to unite many characters in the fifth and sixth installment correctly. However, from the seventh part some relationships became boring: the relationship between Dominic and Letty is already very exploited, I think it should be settled and no longer play; The derisive jokes towards the character of Roman by Tej and Hobbs are tired; The attraction of Roman and Tej to Megan is not interesting; The sentimentality between Connor and Mia was also tiring. The only relationship that was interesting in the last films of the saga was that of Han and Gisele, and in the sixth part they end with it. Oh my God.

    • The soundtrack: The soundtrack  of the last two films (unlike the soundtrack of Brian Tyler) is composed of 90% of reggaeton genre tracks (it is not a popular genre that has good popularity ...).

    • The forgotten character of Han Lue: Han? The character they killed in FF3 and sentenced to after FF6, whose funeral was in FF7, is now completely forgotten. The only reference I found in FF8 to Han is when Tej Parker (Ludacris) gets up with the team when he sees Deckard enter the room and says: "[...] we do not forget what you did [...]. ..]", and that's it? Deckard kills for revenge a companion of his that has ridden with them in several adventures (deliveries of the saga) and only that they have kept it? In addition, Deckard tried to destroy the whole family, with some sending to the hospital (Hobbs in FF7). The normal and human would have been that several would be thrown upon him as soon as he saw his face appear through the door. Well, nothing, completely forgotten. Bad by the screenwriter and production. In addition, Vin's surreal good vibe with the Shaw and Hobbs family with him. Yes, the dialogues are funny, but I find it completely fictitious to treat them like that, as if nothing had happened. It makes a poor reference to the third part of the saga (Tokyo Race) in a short scene of the seventh delivery, when Vin is talking with Sean in the garage.

    • Where is Gisele?: Gisele (Gal Gadot) dies at the end of the sixth part. Where was the burial of this character?

    • Cipher: Because this villain escapes, presumably it will appear in FF9 and FF10. For that reason, I wanted to add that this villain does not express a strong motive for which she wants to do so much damage to the family of Dominic. It is necessary to exploit more to this personage, surely in the next films you can get a villain that really looks "bad" (Elena Neves appears very rarely after the sixth film and the fans did not take enough affection for her character. His murder did not produce much drama because this character seemed very expendable).

    And that is all friends! So far, the mistakes that I have seen fit to name. Now I will go on to name data that I have taken into account for the future Fast and Furious 9 and Fast and Furious 10:


    • Han and Giselle travel to Madrid for a long period of time: At the end of Fast Five (FF5), Gisele asks Han about where to travel first, and he answers that he wants to visit Madrid-Spain (for some reason that nobody knows) and that the last stop will be Tokyo:

    The proof of this is that they are heading south, hoping to cross Germany:

    The time that both are traveling through Spain can be calculated with Mia's pregnancy and the birth of little Jack Connor. I have taken into account that at the end of FF5 Mia had a pregnancy of 3-4 months and that at the beginning of FF6 the little Jack has already been born and is approximately 5 months old (age):

    In short, Han and Gisele were between an event (Mia's advanced pregnancy at the end of FF5) and another (Jack is already born at the beginning of FF6) an approximate amount of between 8 and 9 months.

    • The character of D.K Takashi (Brian Tee) is still alive: Takashi is defeated, but he doesn't die. At the end of FF3 (Tokyo Race), he loses the decisive race and is banished from the city. Never again is the whereabouts of this villain in the saga.

    • The character of Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) has legal age of majority: Sean should have at the end of FF8 an age of 20-21 years. Due to this fact, he could already leave Japan (20 years) and travel abroad. I have in mind that he has a criminal record in the USA for the damages he caused in school with the illegal career (beginning of FF3: Tokyo Race). Sean is very young and does not know much about Dominic Toretto.

    • Car missing at the end of FF5: Car missing at the end of FF5: Han and Gisele have bought a powerful black Lexus LFA in Europe after the succes of Fast and Furious 5. However, Han does not reuse that car. No one knows anything about the whereabouts of that "car" at the beginning of Fast an Furious 6. Why do not they already have it? In Fast and Furious 3 the Han character uses a Mazda RX7. This is another interesting fact:

    But ... with this data can you make a movie? Of course yes! Here I am writing to you the arguments of the ninth and tenth parts of the Fast and Furious saga. These two later films are linked because one starts right where the other ends. The ninth part will have a 100% open end to FF10.


    This film will tell several events occurring between the end of FF5, the beginning of FF6 and events affecting it of FF7 ("REPERCUTE ON") and FF8 ("REPERCUTE ON"), the scheme being as follows:

    Plot Keywords:

    It has been two years and Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) finally begins a life with Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and his son Brian, removed from the world of cars and racing. Everything goes on wheels until Eric Reisner (Scott Eastwood) reappears to inform him that a group of three professional racers hunt a convoy carrying a server with "the eye of God", dying the agent Frank Petty (Kurt Russell) trying to defend it. Eric presents a detailed list of people who are being hunted by the globe after the theft of that technology, and Dominic discovers that they are all known and friends of his who have competed in a race. His new ally claims that runners call themselves "ghost pilots," because everyone who has challenged them has died or disappeared. Toretto is not afraid of that myth and goes out to hunt them, pulling all the thread of his contacts from clandestine street races, until he gets a race with one of them.

    When his car sits next to his opponent, who drives a black Lexus LFA, he tries to squeeze out if he is the hangman of his friends. The mysterious driver lowers the window glass a little and shows him on a smartphone screen to all the ones he has hunted, and says "Do you know who are the following?", And just when he shows the photos of Brian O'Connor, Mia Toretto and the young Jack, they give the pistoleta of eating of the race and start the car quickly. Dominic chases him desperately, trying to catch him, but his opponent is very fast in the corners. When two streets are missing to finish the race, Dominic almost reaches it, but the master cylinder of his car bursts and his car takes several turns in the void before finishing upside down. Toretto crawls on the ground, trying to escape from the flames, but the ghost driver approaches and gets out of the car, approaching him. The moment he reaches his height, he kneels and the mysterious character tells him that "you told me that Han did not have any other disciples, you lied. You and your family are going to pay for everything you have done, one by one We will make you suffer. " At that moment two more black cars appear, and the 3 corridors disappear, leaving Dominic lying on the ground, without knowledge.

    Suddenly everything turns black and changes the stage. Han and Gisele are on the border between France and Spain with their luggage in the back seat (after the events of the end of "Fast and Furious 5" in 2011). When they get past the tail of cars, they drive with controlled speed towards Madrid. During the journey, Han tells his partner that he has relatives and friends in Spain who came years ago to migrate to improve their conditions. When they arrive in Madrid, Han and Gisele go to a restaurant and there he reveals the main reason for his visit to the country: he is looking for his father. While strolling the "plaza del Sol", Han reveals that his father is Chinese and his Korean mother. They had Han in Japan and he lived his childhood there, but when his father connected with the drifting world and the mafias, his family began to move to Spain to escape the "Yakuza". On his way to Europe in Spain, he met Dominic in Germany as a young man. The last thing he knows of his father is that he went to live temporarily to Madrid to start with a mechanic's workshop. Gisele was surprised by the whole background. In Madrid they are looking for a mechanics workshop run by Asians, but when they find him, they inform the workers that the company has separated, and that the other partner moved to Seville, a city in the south. The couple decides to stay one more night in the city, before continuing the search.

    The next day, in a few hours they reach the capital of the south, Seville, a very hot city in summer. They have questions in the workshops, but they do not achieve their goal. That evening they decide to dine in a Chinese-run bar, and a waiter hears their conversation. He tells them that he meets a Chinese man who arranges cars for friends for less. Han asks him about the street where his company is and he gives them a map of the city with the indications. The next morning, the couple arrive at the workshop and they park the car at the door. There appears a man named Chang (unknown actor) who wears a wrench, and suddenly, he is paralyzed to see his son. Both embrace and Gisele cries of emotion. Chang decides to celebrate that meeting by inviting them to eat in the same bar at the diner the night before. When his father closes the workshop, everyone is going to eat together. On the premises, his father asks for the most expensive dishes. In the distance they see a young Sevillian accompanied by Asian children running around him. When they see him approaching with a backpack, they notice that he has the black eye and limps on one leg. Han asks if he is okay, and he says yes, because he does not want to tell them the truth. The couple decides to invite him to eat if he tells them everything, but he refuses first. When they close the bar, Chang asks them to stay at his house to sleep, but the young waiter appears and invites them to dine at his house at night. They nod and Han says goodbye to his father, confirming that they will see each other more often throughout the week. They needed to rest. When they reach the floor of the young man, the couple is surprised to see that it is a large family. When they dine, they pray before they take food. Han and Gisele feel nostalgia for their friends. The young man introduces himself as Peter (unknown actor), and as he accompanies them to the exit of the urbanization, tells them that there is a new band in the neighborhood of Japanese that prepare illegal races at night to the outskirts of the city. When one of its members loses with a local runner, gets drunk and goes around the neighborhood beating everyone who sees the street at dawn. He came back late that night to accompany his girlfriend and ran into one of them, receiving a beating. Because he is afraid to report, he did nothing. Han and Gisele reflect on this and think they must do something.

    They decide that they will always go to eat at that bar, and Han visits their father frequently. They have been installed in a rental apartment. The next week they decide that Peter (the waiter) will take them to the place where they do the illegal races. There, Han decides to challenge his best runner, but Tadashi (unknown actor), its leader, postpone the race for three days. Han accepted and they left. The day before the race, the couple stroll through the park of "Maria Luisa". At that moment several men in black appear and attack Han, injuring his leg. Gisele should not call the police because they both have backgrounds abroad, so she decides to look for Chang, her father. However, they do not find him in his apartment, so they decide to ask Peter for help. He welcomes them in his apartment and the couple tells him what has happened. Peter feels guilty for getting them into that mess and decides to escape that night to talk to Tasashi and ask them more time for the challenge. At the meeting place, Tadashi decides to be compassionate and gives him 1 month until the race, but will have to compete Peter in his place. The young man accepts the deal and the next day he informs Han and Gisele about everything. Han decides to train him and the next day asks his father to strengthen the Lexus LFA for racing. For several weeks, Han teaches Peter the art of drifting. The day of the race, the three appear before Tadashi, and this one orders Peter to compete against him, since he is the best runner. During the race, Peter almost defeats Tadashi, but in the end is defeated because they manipulated the Lexus LFA that led the disciple of Han. The three are angry and flee the place. Han takes his broken car to his father's workshop to repair it, and Chang finds a manipulated break in the "Cylinder Master." The next morning, Chang and his employees search the Mafia and open a discussion with Tadashi, as Han's father meets his uncle, and when he talks about honor and respect, Tadashi reconsiders and decides to compete again within A few months. Han continues to train Peter with another loaned car from his father. However, four months later, Han and Gisele see that he is well prepared and decide to go on a trip to Japan. Peter stays in Seville working at the bar and trying to save to marry his girlfriend.

    One afternoon Han sends a message to him by WhatsApp informing him that Gisele has died in an "accident" (event happened at the end of Fast and Furious 6). When Peter travels to Madrid to her burial, he sees that Han is accompanied by his friends (Dominic, Brian, Mia, Roman, Tej, ...), but Han tells him not to approach them. Han says goodbye to him and gives him an envelope. He tells her to open it when he's going to marry his girlfriend. Han takes a plane to Japan. Peter returns home and decides to request marriage to his partner after a year of this event. Just before opening the envelope, an anonymous person sends a message to Facebook stating that someone has killed Han in Tokyo (event of Fast and Furious: Tokyo Race and half of Fast and Furious 7). Peter is impotent and sad for so many deaths in a row, but the person on the other side of the chat decides to interview him in Madrid in a few days. Peter opens the envelope and finds the keys to a car and a paper with the name of Chang's workshop, his father. Peter looks for the workshop and meets Chang. When he teaches her the key, he gives her the papers of the car and asks her to be careful, that the world of illegal races took Han and Gisele. Peter realized that he knew everything too. Peter says goodbye to Chang and prepares a suitcase to travel to Madrid. With the Lexus LFA repaired, he arrives quickly in Madrid and meets for the first time with a woman who does not see his face.

    A few days later, the scene switches to New York, when the furious family meets on the roof of a building, just as Deckard has rescued Brian Toretto safely for his parents, Dom and Letty. The family sits at the table, ready to eat, and prays. The camera moves away little by little, as in the end of Fast and Furious 8. However, this time the camera is directed towards the roof of another building nearby. Someone watches the family from afar. Cipher (Charlie Theron) is shown telling something secret to D.K Takashi (Brian Tee, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Race). At that moment, Peter and Sean Boswell (Lucas Black, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Race) enter through the roof door. Cipher addresses them and points to the furious family in the distance. He tells the three that Han had to steal and died because of the "Fast and Furious", and that they had also accepted Deckard Shaw and Owen Shaw, the "executioners" of Han and Gisele. He told them that they were now allies, and that they had been forgotten. Sean and D.K. They still look at each other with a bit of a grudge, but Peter clenches his fists and advances decisively towards her, releasing a sentence: "When do we start?"

    At that moment the film ends.

    After the final credits, there is a surprise scene: Luke Hobes is shown at his house with his daughter, as he has retired some time from the police. Someone knocks at the door, and it's Eva Mendes (Monica Fuentes), handing him a folder with a report. Finally he says: "I have something more to tell you, it's about Dominic ...."


    Personal comment: As you can see, Fast and Furious 9 opens a more serious and dark story. His plot focuses on showing characters away from the world of airplanes, tanks, absurd explosions, ... try to get closer to cars, show natural and real relationships between people. It is a film that tries to show more closeness and humanity. The new line that opens starts parallel to several movies in the series (ending FF5, FF6 events, FF7 events, and FF8 events) that lead to what happens at the beginning. This time it is played more with the intrigue to know who are the "ghost pilots" and what are their reasons, besides healing "errors" that made very commercial the previous deliveries of the saga and to use in their favor interesting data that I have named. Fast and Furious 10 (or The Fast Family: Last Drift) will be a tribute to the deaths of the characters of Gisele and Han, who have been cruelly forgotten in recent films. The Fast and Furious family will have to tackle this new hurricane of trouble by going back to the origins, to the streets, to the "tuned" cars.


    Plot Keywords:

    The film begins with Peter, Sean and D.K. Defeating cruelly to former contacts of Brian and Dominic, as they are: Orange Julius (Amaury Nolasco), Suki (Devon Aoki), Tego Calderón, agent Frank Petty (Kurt Rusell), Raldo (Celestino Cornielle) And Fernando Toretto (Janmarco Santiago). All disappear from the map, and now nobody dares to face them. With the operative intelligence of MR. Nobody (Kurt Rusell) paralyzed by the government and the streets conquered by the new team of Cipher, the family of the fast and furious must return to its origins to face a new and lethal enemy: ghosts of the past that they have provoked.

    In this dark context, appear Eric, Roman, Tej, Hobes, Letty, Megan, Deckard, Owen, Rico Saints and Monica Fuentes in the hospital room in which is located terminal Dominic Toretto. All his acquaintances are worried about the difficult situation that takes hold of the streets every week that advances. Now the furious must join forces to stop this threat. Eric and Hobes think that the "ghost runners" are vengeful, so they think the sinister drivers could be related to some of them. They decide to interrogate each member of the "family", investing weeks for this process. Eric and Hobes draw lines between them, but they can not get the profile of a person who wants to destroy them. However, everyone suspects that Cipher may be behind the facts. Megan, Tej and Rico Santos visit the suburbs where illegal races are searched for clues. After a month has passed, Eric and Hobes reveal that the deaths of Han and Gisele create a vacuum in their huge investigation. Owen, Deckard and Hobes decide to travel to Japan to find people related to Han Lue. Roman, Monica and Letty travel to New York after the trail of Cipher Eric has given them.

    The first group (Deckard, Owen and Hobes) find Twinkie (Bow Wow) after a long search in Tokyo for several days. He claims that Sean and Neela disappeared from day to day without a trace. They remove the cell phone Twinkie uses and do a forensic analysis. At the same time, Cipher meets with his three "henchmen": Sean, D.K. And Peter, to send them a new mission: to do away with Roman, Monica and Letty, because they are finding clues in Mahntattan about his whereabouts. They settle and go out in their quest from their secret base. Along the way, Peter asks Sean and D.K. By the "walkies" (radio) why they agreed to work for Cipher. Takashi says that Cipher argued that the blame for Han's stealing and dying was the "family" of the furious. Sean told her that Han's killer (Deckard Shaw) was accepted by the same family, that's all. Peter told them that Cipher had chosen him because he had a strong connection with the couple, and that the executioners Deckard and Owen had been accepted by the family, which had completely forgotten them. It was clear that his motives revolved around revenge and anger toward Dominic Toretto's family. However, a seed of doubt began to appear between so much darkness.

    At the hospital (LA), Eric is in the room with Dom. He is on the phone with Rico Santos, of the second group. When it finishes, in that same moment, Dominic begins to move the right hand, and Eric approaches to him. At the same time, Tej and Megan have a drink in a pub while chatting about computer traces to find Cipher. Between them two is emerging some "tension", smile a lot. At that moment Rico arrives with them with a new news. At the same time, in New York, Letty looks for Magdalene (Helen Mirren), mother of the two brothers Shaw. Meanwhile, Roman and Monica stroll through Times Square with their cars, dialing the walkie talkie. Suddenly, two black cars appear abruptly and start to chase after them. At that moment, Dom begins to gesticulate words, he asks what has happened. Eric begins to tell him all the events that have occurred so far.

    The first group continues to track the steps of Sean and Neela for Tokyo. They find Mr. Boswell's apartment, and then they find Neela there hidden. Hobes reassures her that they are friends with Han and Sean. He tells her everything and asks about Sean. She reveals that Sean received a contract and a ticket to travel to USA. He asked her to hide in his father's apartment and he would be sending money every week. Deckard suspects Sean meets all the requirements to be one of three "ghost drivers". Neela told them that she was very overwhelmed because her ex-boyfriend, D.K. Takashi, who was expelled to Kyoto to work at his uncle's company, was also called in the ranks of someone called "Cipher" to work with a third unknown driver. At that moment, Hobes receives a phone call. 

    Roman gets the "ghost drivers" to focus on him and lose sight of Monica. Monica arrives at Madison Square Garden and tries to call Roman by walkie talkie. However, his walkie does not respond. Sinister drivers must have captured or finished with Roman. Letty suddenly calls her walkie and tells him that Dominic has woken up. They have to return to Los Angeles with Magdalene Shaw.
    Dominic and Eric receive Tej, Megan and Rico Santos in the room. Dominic claims that the phrase released by one of the mysterious drivers reminds him of a conversation he had with Sean before leaving him there in Tokyo. In a flashback, Dominic was about to leave the garage after collecting the objects of the late Han. Sean asks him a key question: "Did Han have a disciple before him?" Dominic replied, "Surely not." Eric says that Sean did not know Dominic very well, and that if Cipher went looking for him, it would be easy to manipulate him by taking advantage of his lack of confidence with Dom. Hobes phonecalls and informs the family that they have information on two of the ghost drivers. They have attacked Letty, Roman and Monica in New York, and now their next target will be Brian's family, Mia and little Jack. Dom gets up from the bed faintly, but willing to save his family. He asks them to track Cipher's location anyway.

    Tej and Megan develop an application for months with Big Data technology that is able to find the dreaded computer program "the eye of God". They get to locate the program server, detecting that Cipher is moving quickly and intuit that she got another plane. Megan detects that there are 4 points that go towards the private Airport "Van Nuys". Dominic thinks Cipher has his plane there and orders them all to follow them. Near the Los Angeles Zoo, the family plans to trap the "hunters" who have been haunting the world of cars for the last few months. No technologies, no weaponry, no fighting vehicles, ... they'll only use cars and some tricks to catch them. On the "Golden State Fwy" highway there are 4 high-speed black cars heading towards their target. Suddenly, 3 cars appear with Dom, Letty, Megan, Tej, Rico and Monica chasing them at full speed. The "ghost drivers": Sean, Takashi and Peter, initiate a defensive maneuver so that they do not arrive at the fourth car, in which Cipher is located. She orders them to stay to stop them and to get to the plane to reach their ultimate goal of revenge: kill the O'Conner family personally.

    Dominic crosses harshly with Peter's Lexus LFA, and begins to ask why they do all this. Peter launches a smartphone into the interior of Dom's car and makes a strange "signal" to his other two companions. Suddenly, the 3 "ghost drivers" step on the brake of their cars and leave Cipher helpless. Everyone is surprised and continues to chase after the hacker. A few miles later, the first group (Hobes, Deckard and Owen), accompanied by Eric, await Cipher with a "lockdown" surprise. At last they have caught the biggest villain that the family of the furious have faced. Cipher gets out of the car and pulls a gun to shoot at Dom. At that moment, Letty gets out of her car and fires at her pistol, throwing her to the ground with the bullet shot.

    Dom looks at the cell phone that the strange character threw into his car, and finds a location: Brian's house. He calls his sister Mia to ask him about a suspicion he has. Mia picks up the phone at her house and is glad Dominic calls her, because she was hoping to tell him the truth about everything: one day Peter, Sean and Takashi came to the door of their house, and they told him that Cipher wanted to hurt them And that they wanted to dismantle all the network of contacts and resources that she had making him believe that they were on his side. They told her that they had not been manipulated by her and that they had been hiding and curing the "family" of Dominic and Brian that they called "dead" (they never found their corpses): Orange Julius (Amaury Nolasco), Suki (Devon Aoki), Tego Calderon, agent Frank Petty (Kurt Rusell), Raldo (Celestino Cornielle) and Fernando Toretto (Janmarco Santiago). Mia revealed that they had all lived in their house as "refugees" for several months to be protected, while deceiving Cipher by obeying their plans. The goal of the "ghost drivers" was always to scare the family, without killing anyone. They stuck to Cipher at first with the premise of "revenge," but actually used it to earn their trust and set a good trap in the end. Suddenly, Agent Frank Petty gets on the phone and tells Dom they're all OK. Dominic updates the rest of the furious family that have been with him so far, because they did not know anything. Mia asks Dominic not to go after Sean, Takashi and Peter to seek revenge for everything, and tells everyone to go to his house to see them. However, everyone is wondering where Roman is.
    Roman wakes up in one of the hospitals in New York. He discovers that the "ghost drivers" had left him there unconscious and with a false name, with which, the doctors never registered his real name. Thus, Cipher would never discover the truth about the real intention of Peter, Sean and Takashi. He begins to complain about his condition and to curse those who have left him there. In parallel, the 3 "ghost drivers" meet at the gate of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). They decide to leave all this behind, sell their cars and return with their families. Takashi says he learned the lesson by working hard at his uncle's company and that he met his current wife in the village where he went into exile. They 3 say goodbye and each one takes its way. Sean returns with Neela, and asks for marriage. Peter returns to Seville and buys a house before the marriage with his girlfriend. Takashi returns to Japan with his wife, because they expect a son.

    In the penultimate scene, we see the family of furious entering the hall of the house of Mia and embracing all after the terrible events that have lived. Brian has gone to buy food with little Jack, so they are not seen. Hobes begins to work together with agent Frank and Eric in the secret organization, which has been reactivated. Deckard and Owen decide to join her too, because they want a path of redemption for all the evils they have done and work to save and help people. Cipher is imprisoned in a maximum security prison. Rico and Tego return to Brazil. Tej and Megan start dating together, as does the reappeared Roman with Monica. Raldo and Fernando return to Cuba. Dominic and Letty are expecting a second child.

    At this point, the movie ends.

    After the final credits, there is one last surprise scene. In it, two years have passed and Dominic has already spoken with Sean in Japan. He now travels to Seville to look for the first disciple of Han: Peter. She is accompanied by Letty and her three children: Brian, Gisele (her new biological daughter) and Han (their last adopted Korean child). When he gets to the floor, Peter says, "We were waiting for you to eat," and they enter the room. Both speak to leave their "quarrels" aside and give explanations about everything that has happened. At the end of it all, the families of Peter (his wife and 2 children) and Dominic sit at the same table to bless her and have lunch together.

    --THE END--

    Personal comment: As you can see, this film welcomes many characters from previous installments of the saga that had been forgotten. The absurd scenes with planes, tanks and submarines disappear to give way to the CARS. This film takes advantage of the wrong aspects that I have considered and uses them in its favor. The main message is drawn from Japanese thinking: not to forget the family, nor the deceased family. The protagonism of Vin Diesel no longer treads the roles of his colleagues, who now stand out more and establish more relationships between them. It is a film that completely concludes the saga. It is true that it has several flaws of details that I have been able to jump, however, as I am nobody and I have other things to do, I think all this that I send them is a good advance of work happens to save a saga that Talks about the importance of family and...cars.

    This is my vision after many movies, series, books and comics that I have seen and read. I hope this little work I have done would have some use for future films.

    Sincerely yours:

    Author: Pedro Sánchez Pachón
    Translator: Diego López Moreno

    ACTUALLY - 2019

    PD: Obviously, I never got an answer.

    Except that the official Vin Diesel website was closed 18 days after sending my email. His website was managed by that member of One Race Films, and its website was a bit abandoned. Chance?

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